Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Whats coming out of the workshop this week...

Orange and Cinnamon Wreath
This week has been busy but good.  We started on Saturday with a great day for the Whiteladies Road Farmers Market.  Cold and clear.  Lovely.  Ever since we have been in the workshop making up  and despatching orders locally, nationally and even one to Venice.

The wreaths sort of evolve as the season progresses so got the camera out and took a couple of photos of what we have been up to in the last few days.  This Orange and Cinnamon Wreath smells really good.  As does the Traditional Red Wreath below.

Traditional Red Wreath
We were at the market again at 5 a.m. buying  lovely fresh Welsh blue pine as we are working on a 18 meter monster swag to decorate a dining hall and staircase in a country house in Somerset.  We are going for a gold and orange theme with hints of rosemary and cinnamon.Will post some pictures of that work in progress later.

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