Thursday, 28 April 2011

Summer Herb Wreath

Summer herb wreath
Been busy planting, sowing, weeding and generally fussing around at the allotment.  Add to that hardly any rain for about six weeks so irrigation is a major issue.  Never mind.  

Here is a fresh herb wreath made for a customer today who has a foodie co-worker retiring.  Totally edible with bay and rosemary as a base and all the lovely things that are currently good in the garden.  It has lots of verigated oregano, lemon balm, mint, purple and green sage leaves, chive flowers and a bit of purple sprouting broccoli, a few artichoke and bronze fennel leaves.  It has a wet oasis base so should last  for some time. I have one on my kitchen table with a candle in it.  

The first ones which were done for the Mothers Day Market at Whiteladies Road had bay and flowering rosemary, verigated lemon balm and  purple sage and broccoli and they have been changing every week as the new growth has been coming through.  Will be taking lots of cuttings and extending the herb garden this year as they are going well.. 

 I still need to update the website with the new summer products -  so here is a sneak preview of some others that are being commissioned...
Nigella pomander

These are really neat.  I am working with a bride to make some of these pomanders and heart decorations to go onto all the guests chairs at her wedding this summer.  There will be gift boxes under the chairs at the reception with a message from the bride and groom for them to take these little handmade treats home at the end of the celebrations to remember their lovely day.     
wedding chair decoration

I just have to make them all now....