Saturday, 22 December 2012

The wreath on the door of Garland HQ

rose and chrysanthemum wreath 
There are two questions that we get asked every year.  They are

Q 1.  How many wreaths do you make in a season ?

A       Don't know.  Too daunting to count at the beginning of the season, and just toooo tired to count at the end.

Q 2.  What wreath do you have on YOUR door.

A   It changes - this year we have had a succession of wreaths - starting out with last year's best seller, the Orange and Cinnamon...and then a rather lovely Mini Apple and Cinnamon (see below).  But some of our prototype experiments go on the door here at Garland HQ too.  The rose and chrysanthemum one above was a happy accident between a lovely bunch of flowers given to us by Mandy at the Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife Project after our lovely day there making swags.  I think this one should go on the 2013 new product shortlist.  We shall see.  

apple and cinnamon wreath
We are nearly there now.  Just a couple more orders to sort and my own staircase and fireplaces to finish. Hopefully the light will be good enough to post some shots.  We shall see....

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