Sunday, 28 October 2012

Hydrangea wreaths

Lily in the hydrangeas
This week we have been in full production turning our now semi-dried hydrangea heads into wreaths.  Please do not be fooled by what appears to be a cute kitty picture - this cat is merely hiding the fact that she is about to pounce by sitting among the work in progress - the tail is swishing and she is not best pleased.

Hydrangea Wreaths
There is something about the combination of rustling hydrangea and long bits of twine that really brings the absolute worst out in this animal, beloved by the rest of our household - but I am ambivalent at the moment to say the least. It is only me that she randomly attacks when I am least expecting it, drawing blood.  She clearly has never heard about not biting the hand that feeds.

 But now the hydrangea wreaths have been made, both traditional and heart shapes, both available via the greengarland website.  The colours have been very variable again this year as you can see from these two hearts, recently finished from different varieties of hydrangea bush, both grown locally.  This first one is a really dark raspberry pink, the other is much more muted with mauves and blues.
Hydrangea heart wreath 

I like the latter, especially as the greengarland show door where most of the photos are taken is painted with Farrow and Ball French Grey Eggshell.

Hydrangea heart wreath
However, this pic is taken on the table outside the kitchen door where I was working  yesterday - and now it is raining so that will have to be a photo for another day.      

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  1. Such delicate and beautiful colours! Your creative assistant may be dangerous but charming. : )