Saturday, 18 September 2010

this is what you get..

when you soak your vines for longer than you anticipatIed.  Urggg...  However, all well in the end and my little wreathy world has turned heart shaped.  Had a lovely time in the sunshine at the bottom of the garden listening to the squirrels having punchups over the horse chestnuts and made about a dozen of these.  When they are dry I will try to do something nice with them.

I did mean to make these hearts last weekend but it was the Cranleigh Gardens Annual Street Party on Saturday.  I think it went rather well. Unfortunately there was gin, loads of ice and very little tonic.  I felt no pain but had to have a little lie down before sundown.   Couldnt do a lot on Sunday apart from groan so my punishment is fetid decomposing leaves in with the vines. Blurgghh.  I may have given up drinking.  I blame the neighbours.

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