Monday, 20 September 2010

See you in the potting shed...

as ours has a new roof.

This is what is says on the door. We inherited this beauty when we took on the allotment and it is now in full working order.  After Steve mended the holes in the roof we emptied it out and took all the years' worth of junk and old DDT/Agent Orange that had accumulated inside to the tip (but first banged hard on the sides with the door open to get the rats out before we ventured in). It was a good day (!)

Its probably about fifty years old.   Its just brilliant.  Just in case you were thinking that this is a very knackered old shed take  a look at this one below which lives nearby.  It may well have been F Pratten and Co's finest hour but I think that  at some point some kids got in and blew it up from the inside.  See - organic gardening IS the way forward.  You couldn't have done that if it was full of beer traps and old eggshells.  
The picture IS straight. This shed is not. 

All it needs now is a nail on the door and I can hang a wreath on it. Something rustic, perhaps..

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