Sunday, 1 November 2015

Hydrangea danger..

It's the floral equivalent of taking a motorbike apart in your hall.. There are trays of hydrangeas drying everywhere.  They go out in the morning into the garden to get a bit of sun but the rest of the time hang around the house getting in everyone's way. 

Hydrageas drying in the sun

I have got some lovely bright red local ones, some really great ones from Cornwall and also from Glastonbury.   The weather has been very kind to them and there are some really beautiful colours this year.  
Hydrangea Wreath

We will be making up the hydrangea wreaths over the course of the next couple of weeks once the blooms are ready to work.  Once we have worked through the waiting list we will put them up for sale in the on line shop.  If you want to reserve one now, just get in touch.

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