Tuesday, 23 November 2010

a transatlantic collaboration...

I had a message from Wendy in New Jersey today.  We have been sharing ideas for a while (it was Wendy who had the greengarland elves hand-stitching kumquats to wreaths last year).  We were working on some proto-types last week that sadly did not get further than the lab.     However, the gauntlet was thrown down again from her side of the pond and off I went into the dark today to collect materials for this little beauty.

Its about 15 cms across and has mini cinnamon sticks and dried orange segments, juniper, ivy and wrapped with a lovely textured burgungy ribbon given to me by Wendy when she came visiting earlier this year. She brought books, ribbons, lovely jelly and some bases that I have not seen around these parts, and we had a nice time chatting, shopping and  pootling around at the allotment. 

 It is more a Falstaff than a Titania.  Will be taking one of these along to my workshop on Saturday to get some feedback from the folk there.  I rather like it.  Thanks Wendy.  Happy Thanksgiving (here it's only Thursday...)      


  1. Fab new addition to the range. The greengarland elves have been very busy...hope you're paying them overtime!

  2. I fear they will all be grumpy little goblins by the time Advert is over.... They are an unruly bunch...